Last year had been unfortunate for sports-lovers across the world. The MLB fans were not an exception. The 2020- MLB season was heavily curtailed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing safety protocols issued by the WHO. Since stay-at-home directives and quarantines became a norm, the MLB season was also affected, not just in terms of a reduced schedule, but also in terms of adrenaline-pumping action and loss of revenue. 

But this year, it is going to be bigger and better! The 162-game schedule is back in action and MLB 2021 is going to be full of sporting activities that will keep the fans engaged throughout the season! Apart from the age-old foes like the Dodgers and the Yankees, you will also have your eyes on the emerging stars of the game and how they create an impact on the entire season. 

Looking out for the new season

It has been an astonishing turn of events in MLB history. For the first time in over 30 years, the Los Angeles Dodgers have emerged the champions with an astonishing margin of 43-17 that is unarguably their very best and advancing to the World Series. The reigning champions will be putting on a great show. But let’s not forget the other contenders who want to put their best foot forward in the upcoming season and advance to the World Series. Amongst them, the last season’s runner-ups- the Tampa Bay Rays are the firm favorites to display their class and secure their first World Series place in more than 10 years. 

On top of that, there will be the old favorites like the New York Yankees, Toronto Blue Jays and the San Diego Padres. So there are no doubts that this season is going to be a superbly exciting one! Want to stay ahead of your friends in terms of MLB trivia? Or spend a fantastic time at your home watching every action from the MLB season? 

Then you need to follow our article. We have highlighted the best of live-stream options and other details that will enable you to access every bit of scintillating action from the MLB season. Keep reading. 

How to watch the MLB 2021 season live?

As for the MLB fans and fanatics, there are a lot of options to watch the 2021 season live. We have segregated the options on the basis of the countries from where you belong so that you have an idea about every live-stream option and the associated charges. Never fall behind with our comprehensive list by your side!

How to watch the MLB 2021 season live in the US?

In the US, there is a goldmine of trusted baseball coverages and so we have brought to you the absolute best amongst them. 

Official broadcasters:

Most of the cable TV networks across the US, like TBS, MLB Network, Fox Sports, ESPN and FS1 will broadcast MLB games from the 2021 season. These are prime-time attractions and you can catch the live telecasts by paying the related subscription fees. 


Unarguably the best end-to-end live-streaming options for the upcoming 2021 season, MLB.TV is the best place to enjoy the high-octane action from the baseball pitch! You can take a season-long subscription for 129.99 USD (that covers the playoffs and World Series) and avail of the free trial period as well. Another option is to follow the games of a particular team of your choice. You can follow the campaign of your desired teams at just 109.99 USD for the entire season. But this package comes with the MLB blackout restrictions. 

TV Streaming services:

The MLB 2021 season is also available for cord-cutters if they don’t wish to subscribe to the official networks and pay a hefty subscription fee each month. For these fans, the best option is selecting a prolific TV streaming service and enjoy the end-to-end live-stream action from the baseball pitch. 

  1. Sling TV: Undeniably one of the foremost TV streaming platforms, the Sling Orange bundle costs just 35 USD per month whereas the Orange and Blue combined bundle costs only 50 USD per month. You can watch your favorite MLB games by adding a sports extra with just 10 USD additional charges and get MLB Network into your bundle. 
  2. Amazon Prime: This is a special offer for the New York Yankees fans! Amazon Prime is live-streaming 21 games of the Yankees and the home team supporters can avail of this offer. You can subscribe to the 12.99 USD per month plan or pay 119 USD upfront for the entire year. The best thing is that you will get a 30-day free trial period if you are a new subscriber!
  3. fuboTV: The fuboTV family pack comes at just 64.99 USD per month and is one of the best OTT streaming services that dishes out the best games from the MLB season to the comfort of your homes. 
  4. ESPN+: The cheapest amongst the lot, ESPN+ is the best OTT streaming platform for sports fans across the world. Brought to us by the ESPN network, the monthly subscription fee is a nominal 5.99 USD, by paying which you can enjoy live-stream action from the MLB 2021 season. 

Local TV streaming:

Most of the MLB teams (24 out of 30) have their own official OTT streaming platforms. So you can either watch the campaign of the Yankees on the YES Network or follow the Los Angeles Dodgers on the Spectrum Sportsnet. You can also follow the Red Sox season on NESN. Similarly, you can follow your favorite team’s campaign by live-streaming their official sports networks. 

How to watch the MLB 2021 season live in Canada?

There are some tried-and-tested OTT platforms that will live-stream the MLB 2021 season in Canada, along with the official broadcasting networks and local tv streaming services. Let’s take a look. 

Official broadcasters:

Amongst the official broadcasters, the most prolific ones are TSN, RDS, TVA Sports, etc. You can get TSN Direct at the TSN Canadian website. The monthly subscription costs 19.99 CAD. There is also a prepaid plan of 99.95 CAD where you pay for a 6-month subscription in advance. On the other hand, both TSN Direct and RDS Direct are available at a combined monthly subscription of 24.99 CAD. So, this plan could save you a lot of trouble and prevent burning a hole in your pocket!

Local TV/TV Streaming services:

The Sportsnet is the official TV streaming platform of the Toronto Blue Jays. Therefore, you can cut the cord and take the Sportsnet subscription at just 19.99 CAD per month. Sportsnet Now is the best service for cord cutters and fans of the Toronto Blue Jays in Canada and you can sign up for a limited period offer with just 12.50 CAD using an annual pass. 


It is the best bet to live-stream the entire MLB 2021 season in Canada. 

How to watch the MLB 2021 season live in the UK?

For the MLB fans who are residing in the UK, BT Sports is unarguably the best live-streaming option. The BT Sports monthly pass costs 25 GBP for a 30-day period. The monthly pass renews automatically unless canceled. The greatest offering that the BT Sports app provides is that it will enable its subscribers to watch the MLB games on any number of devices- including consoles, mobiles, smart TVs and tablets. 

How to watch the MLB 2021 season live in Australia?

Yes, you will find dedicated MLB lovers in Australia as well. And for them, there is an awesome opportunity to live-stream the upcoming 2021 season seamlessly. Kayo Sports is the best live-stream option for MLB and other sports lovers residing in Australia. This platform brings a lot of sports action and delivers high-quality content to the comfort of your homes. The monthly package cost starts from just 25 AUD, but the best thing is that Kayo Sports also offers a lucrative free trial period!

How to watch the MLB 2021 season and blackout games live from anywhere in the world?

The blackout policy of MLB is quite fascinating. If at a time, multiple games are being played, a local broadcaster or live-streaming platform can prioritize the games that are more popular in the local market. Thus, these local live-streaming platforms and broadcasters are given preference to live-stream the games of a local team over national broadcasters. 

Though it results in good revenue, a fan who just has subscriptions to the national broadcasting networks might miss out on these blackout games. 

The only solution to end such woes is a VPN subscription. Subscribing to a VPN like NordVPN or ExpressVPN will give you access to the blackout games as well. Even if you are stranded in a particular part of the world where you are geo-restricted from watching the MLB 2021 season, you can also use these premium VPN networks to override the geo-block, change your IP address and watch any game from the season. 

How to watch the MLB 2021 season live using social media?

Though according to the pundits, the MLB refuses to leverage the power of social media and increase its revenue, there are a lot of backdoors to watch the exciting 2021 season live and without paying a dime from your pocket. 

You can consider Reddit as one of the finest options. It is an American news aggregation, discussion and social platform where you can log in with your credentials or sign up without paying any fees. The next step would be to hunt for a relevant subreddit regarding the MLB 2021 season or a particular match. Once you head over to the subreddit, try finding feasible links that are not flagged down by the official broadcasters like MLB.TV. If you find those links, it will be a great way to enjoy your favorite sporting action free of cost!


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