On Thursday 15 women who had worked earlier at the organization of Washington NFL have alleged sexual misconduct and verbal abuse. They said the former members of the inner circle of Daniel Snyder who is the owner of the Washington NFL and the scouts were involved in the act.

Alex Santos who was the director of pro personnel and Richard Mann II who was the assistant director of pro personnel have been named for the misconduct. Also, the name of Larry Michel who was a radio announcer and a senior vice president has cropped up. All the 3 accused exited the organization in the last week.

What does the report include?

The report does not include the names of former general manager Bruce Allen and Snyder. At the end of the 2019 season, Bruce Allen was terminated, he served the organization for 10 years. Both Snyder and Allen denied requests for many interviews. However, on Friday Snyder issued a statement.

He said that this kind of misconduct that was mentioned in the article last night has no place in the organization of society. This news has indeed forced him to set up a new culture and standards for the team, he began the process by hiring the new coach Ron Rivera at the beginning of this year.  

The accusations of sexual misconduct and a contaminated office culture reported by the women were there from 2006 to 2019. On the condition of not being named one of the women who reported the misconduct spoke to the post. While some other women have signed an agreement of not disclosing their names with the team.

2 journos and a total of 6 former women staff have named Santos.  He was terminated last week. They have captured the team of passing lude comments on the women’s bodies and have made ugly gestures. But he denied commenting.

There were text messages obtained from Mann who was also terminated in the past week and had conversations with a woman in which he asked if she had surgery to enlarge her breasts. He denied the comment as well.

The lone woman that has been named in the report is Emily Applegate says that she had been abused verbally by Gershman over a small issue at the workplace and also got compliments for her body.

Gershman who quit the team in the year 2015 said that he does not remember who Emily is? He thinks that the Redskins is a great workplace and would apologize to anybody who felt he was involved in verbal abuse.


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