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Stay up to date with the latest news around sports, schedule, coverage, important events and more at InActionAgain.com. We offer a curated space for the sports enthusiasts by offering 3-minute reads that combine the spunk along with everything happening in the industry.  From NFL to NBA and even UFC, our short articles and daily updates are bound to have you subscribed for more. Are you missing out on the latest highlights of your favorite game?

Our team of writers includes the curator himself and our super motivated authors who not just play sports but also read sports news alongside their morning cup of coffee! Read below to get acquainted with the team.

Our Team


This up and coming website is the brainchild of our founder, Nathan, who has played football since he was a kid. He enjoys watching the game, playing rugby and even the occasional baseball with his roommates. A daily reviewer of all posts written by the authors here, he enjoys taking and providing suggestions from the team to make this blog trending as the days go by.



You won’t think she’s a newbie into the sports world once you see the way she writes about it! Eva is a versatile writer who keeps a tab on all the NFL highlights and updates. She looks forward to the Premier League every year and is a big fan of Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero.


Jason is the head of the Rugby and Broadcast category. Any sport-related gossip comes straight from home, as he jots down the important news according to the trend to create magic with his words. He is a fan of Formula One races.


Any MMA fans out there? Freddy is your man for every news pertaining to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He is literally the brawns of the team with the added brains as he occasionally dedicates time to write tech-based articles as well.


The girls in our team surely love soccer more than the boys, and Nicole is a fine example of that. She is the social media manager of the team and hosts the coolest match nights for all of us.


Brian is the go-to person for all our campaign activities. He starts his day by playing basketball before work and keeps us all engrossed about NBA updates and live shows whenever possible.