The Baku City circuit will play host to one of the most exciting races of 2021 as Lewis Hamilton will look for redemption and Max Verstappen will try to retain his numero uno standing in this season:


After the surprises in the Monaco Grand Prix, the Azerbaijan Grand Prix is almost upon us. The action starts on 6th June in the Baku City Circuit.


The race was arranged for the first time in 2017. Daniel Ricciardo, the Aussie driver who now represents McLaren-Mercedes along with stablemate Lando Norris, won the first ever Azerbaijan Grand Prix with Red Bull- his erstwhile team. After that Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas playing for Team Mercedes won the Grand Prix for the next two years consecutively. The 2020 edition was cancelled due to the pandemic.


This year, the race in Baku is set to be a crucial episode of the season. Till now, there have been five Grand Prix events. Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton has won three of them. But Red Bull’s Max Verstappen has come out as victor in two other events. He overtook Hamilton in the last Monaco GP where Mercedes performed poorly as a team.

Consequently, as of now, Max Verstappen from the Red Bull team leads Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes by four points. Red Bull has also gone ahead of Mercedes by one point in the constructors race too. So, everyone will be anticipating a crucial and big performance by the Mercedes team while attention will also be paid to the Red Bull team regarding how they react to their unexpected lead after Monaco GP.

Scuderia Ferrari’s tough luck is also not to be ignored! After securing pole position in the qualifiers of the Monte Carlo’s Monaco circuit, Charles Leclerc was surprisingly withdrawn by his team on the raceday. This could be linked to the immense challenge encountered by his car when it crashed during the qualifying race. However, his stablemate Carlos Sainz Junior secured the second position on the podium at Monaco. 


The controversy regarding rear wing design has been fired up before the race in Baku. The monitoring body for Formula 1, FIA, has already stated that no team will be allowed any flexibility in rear wing design with stringent test protocols being introduced.

But those tests won’t be applied in Azerbaijan to give teams some more time to adapt their design. McLaren and Mercedes have already protested over the decision.

Hamilton stated Red Bull’s wing could be worth up to six tenths of a second per lap at Baku. Mercedes technical director James Allison has also supported Hamilton’s comment in public. He opined that Mercedes would keep an open mind regarding whether rival teams such as Red Bull may risk using the wings at the next race.

McLaren, who are in third place behind Red Bull and Mercedes in the constructors table, have also spoken of their grievance regarding the decision. Ferrari, two points behind McLaren in fourth place in constructors’ table, have indicated that their wing design would need changing after the stringency of the test got increased.

Protests and Counter-protests: 

Amidst this, Red Bull Racing chief Christian Horner claimed that the FIA were “completely happy” with their car. Red Bull’s racing adviser Helmut Marko recently said that if Mercedes would think of an official protest in Baku regarding flexi-wing, then they should expect Red Bull’s protest regarding their bendy front wing. All these verbal sparring is adding a new dimension to the coming race.

Now that we know that the Baku City Circuit is going to witness some amazing and scintillating action in the coming week, let’s take a look at all the options that you have to live stream  this superb racing event. 

3 best live stream  options for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix: 

The three best platforms for live streaming Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2021 are-

  • F1 TV Pro- F1 TV is the best destination for any devotee of the motorsport events with superb access to the vivid details of the live coverage, highlights and various other contents regarding every F1 event along with F2, F3, Porsche Supercup. Its subscription prices differ from country to country while the US audience enjoys a season’s premium subscription at just 79.99 USD with a 7-day free trial offer!
  • Sky Sports- Sky Sports is the home of the exclusive live stream  of every F1 event in the UK. People without Sky Sports within their basic cable tv package can have access to the NOW TV Sky Sports Monthly Pass available for 33.99 GBP. On the other hand if you simply want to live stream  a singular race, you can go for the NOW TV Sky Sports Day Pass at 9.99 GBP. If you want to watch the additional races like the qualifiers, you can subscribe to the NOW TV Sky Sports Weekly Pass at 14.99 GBP. The NOW TV Sky Sports Mobile Pass is available at 5.99 GBP.
  • Kayo Sports- Kayo Sports is an Australian streaming service that has become an oft-preferred choice of the Aussie sports fans with their live stream  coverage of Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2021 as part of their basic package. The Kayo Sports basic package costs 25 AUD per month with a lucrative 14-day free trial!

Fastest live streaming option for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix:

ESPN offers the fastest option for live streaming of all Formula 1 events this season. ESPN+ is the indigenous OTT platform for ESPN that is available at a meagre subscription of just 5.99 USD per month. It is also available as part of a varied range of packages in many superb and popular TV streaming platforms. Amongst these platforms, the two best are undoubtedly- 

  • Sling TV- one of the best for this purpose. Sling TV Orange Package lets access to all ESPN channels responsible for live coverage of Formula 1. It costs 35 USD per month. The Orange+Blue bundle coming at 40 USD per month will also offer you a chance to view the ESPN channels in vivid detail. 
  • fuboTV- fuboTV offers a far more comprehensive coverage in terms of channels. It offers ESPN, ABC and over 120 channels in its package which costs 64.99 USD monthly

Cheapest option for live streaming the Azerbaijan Grand Prix:

The cheapest live stream ing option for Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2021 will depend on the territories on which it is being broadcasted and the live stream  service providers that are doing so.

  • For the UK, the NOW TV Sky Sports Monthly Pass- available for 33.99 GBP is a superb option as it provides simultaneous live stream s across six screens. So, the subscription cost can be easily divided between you and five of your buddies. This will reduce the cost of the package significantly. Otherwise, the NOW TV Sky Sports Day Pass is a good value offer which allows access to various sporting events alongside Formula 1 Grand Prix at just 9.99 GBP, but just for a day!
  • 4.99 CAD can also give you a day pass for the TSN network in Canada which will enable you to watch all the high-octane action in Baku.

Other live stream  options for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2021:

How to watch the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in the UK?

Sky Sports is responsible for broadcasting F1 contents all over the UK. Sky Sports F1 channel is dedicated to the Formula 1 events and it will also broadcast the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. People can watch the event also on the Sky Go app. This will allow live streaming on all sorts of mobile and smart devices.

How to watch the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in the USA and Canada? 

  • ESPN provides comprehensive broadcasting coverage in the USA for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. ESPN+, coming at just 5.99 USD monthly is indeed a deal-breaker for all those racing fans stationed in the country.
  • In Canada, the Azerbaijan Grand Prix can be viewed in both English and French languages- TSN being responsible for the English live stream ing coverage whereas RDS doing the same in French. The streaming-only services of TSN Direct and RDS Direct are available at 4.99 CAD per day. 

How to watch the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Australia and New Zealand? 

  • Fox Sports is the destination of the live stream ing of F1 events for this season in Australia. It is included in basic cable tv packages. If you don’t have such a package, then you can opt for the premium sports streaming platform, Kayo Sports that offers 2 simultaneous live stream s at just 25 AUD monthly and 3 simultaneous live stream s at just 35 AUD monthly, apart from a superb 14-day free trial.
  • Meanwhile, in New Zealand, Spark Sport is responsible for live broadcast of all F1 races this season. It costs 19.99 NZD per month and also gives a 7-day free trial.

How to watch the Azerbaijan Grand Prix outside of your home-country? 

If you are outside of your home country, or resident of a country with geo-block for Formula 1 events, then VPN services are essential for you to get access to all the live and exclusive action in Baku, Azerbaijan. In terms of ease of access and security, Express VPN is one of the best for this kind of service. Apart from that, Nord VPN, Surf Shark, Cyberghost and IP Vanish are also premium VPN services which will be useful in accessing contents from a different country or a location with a geo-block as these will help you override the geo-block and mask your IP address to enjoy the premium action.

Free live stream  options of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2021:

  • The Azerbaijan Grand Prix will be available for free live stream ing if you are in New Zealand. Spark Sport, official broadcaster of the event, will provide a 7-day free trial.
  • There are also some options in other countries which give access to all F1 events. In Albania, every F1 race is available on the free-to-air RTSH.
  • Similarly, in Azerbaijan, Idman TV provides free live stream  of the Formula 1 races, including the one on its home turf in Baku City.

How to watch the Azerbaijan Grand Prix on social media with primary focus on Reddit?

Reddit is one of the superb social media sites to get all the live stream  contents along with related information for every major sports event. Anyone with a free Reddit account can go to the platform and look for appropriate subreddits.

These subreddits usually contain all the details and links for live stream  of such sporting events. These links for live streams are available for free but with an important caveat. These links are continuously blocked or flagged by official broadcasters. So, you have to be patient and continuously remain on those subreddits to get such available links for watching Azerbaijan Grand Prix for free!


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