NBA Teams

Basketball fans, we are seeking your opinions! The National Basketball Association (NBA) has some great teams and players who have awed their viewers and have been inspirations for aspiring players for years now. The best moment for any game is to win the championship and many NBA teams have made the win possible, and not just once. Which team is your favourite?

In this article, we are going to talk about the top 5 NBA teams of all time. In the league’s 65 years so far, at least 65 teams have got the honour of winning the championship title. Even though it is a tough choice as every team is a winner for every fan, we believe these teams deserve a special mention thanks to their contribution to the greater good to the basketball fraternity. So let’s take a look at the nest section.

NBA Teams

Our Top 5 NBA Teams of All Time

Our list below is a compilation of some great basketball teams that may or may not be your favourite but definitely talks about some of the best players known to the world.

  1. 1995 – 96 Chicago Bulls: This team is known as the greatest team in the history of the NBA. There are no two questions about it as this team was at its epitome in the late 90s. Thanks to Michael Jordan’s surprise comeback in this season, 72 shoots with the Bulls helped in securing the title for Windy City. They went through the playoffs easily and defeated Gary Payton’s Seattle SuperSonics.
  2. 1986 – 87 Los Angeles Lakers: With Chicago Bulls gaining a newfound recognition, the Los Angeles Lakers were desperate to ace their game. After having a great regular season in the year prior to this, they won 65 games. Kareem Abdul Jabbar had some intense personal shots, Magic Johnson got around the team with 23.9 PPG and 12.2 PPG in assists. Once they got through the semi-finals, it was none other than the Chicago Bulla that they had to compete against. Not too surprising but they won that match as well and the rest is history!
  3. 1985 – 86 Boston Celtics: This season was tremendous for the Boston Celtics which makes them grab the third place on the list. Their regular season had Dennis Johnson and Danny Ainge take care of the backcourt while Kevin McHale defended the team with 21.3 PPG. After winning 67 games, they managed to become triumphant in their game against the Houston Rockets and brought the title back to Beantown.
  4. 1970 – 1971 Milwaukee Bucks: This season helped Oscar Robertson bring life to the team and prove that no one was a match for the Milwaukee Bucks. This was also a time when Kareem Abdul Jabbar was in his rookie season. Through a 31.7 PPG rate, Robertson got through 66 games and finally won the title that he was always hoping for.
  5. 1982 – 1983 Philadelphia 76ers: The 76ers were popular for vanquishing their rivals in this season. Through Julius Erving’s 21.4 PPG rate that was accompanied by guard Andrew Tony, 19.7 PPG, they were able to defend as well as distribute the ball around the court, with assistance from Maurice Cheeks. Further, Moses Malone offered to be an offensive and defensive threat all along and the entire team managed to beat the Los Angeles’ Lakers to win the title.

To Sum Up

While there will be more teams and players that will add to the history of the NBA, one should never forget their roots that made the league’s inception all the more popular. We say kudos to our players and await them imparting knowledge to the future generation to witness historic seasons back to back.



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