The wide receiver for the Chiefs Sammy Watkins agreed for a pay cut of $ 4.75 million from the base salary. Earlier this offseason he agreed to rework on his contract.  The reason he stated was no different than that of Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes also signed the contract of his own extension this week.

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Mahomes said that some would have felt that his deal could have been bigger and gave him security. The agreement also lets him perform with a team that has the ability to fight for the title and also be with his supporting cast as well. Watkins said on a radio appearance for SiriusXM NFL Radio, that his agent was looking for a big offer when the offseason started but eventually decided to prioritize other things.

“How much money do I need? My family’s taken care of well,” Watkins said. “Do I want to go to a team and lose and get 1,000 yards with a team that’s sorry? Or do I want to come back with one of the best coaches, the best quarterbacks, the best organization, the best team, the best wideout group arguably and come try to fight for another championship.”

The contract of Sammy Watkins.

The reworked contract of Sammy Watkins consists of perks that he will make up for the amount he let go by reworking his contract in Kansas City, but it looks like this consideration is not important for the Kansas City’s top receiver throughout the postseason march to the Superbowl.  Watkins made his priority clear that he wants to be with a team that is capable of winning the title, rather than going for the money.

“I’m at the stage of my life now to where at first I was like ‘Man, I want to get paid big money again,” Watkins said.

“I sat my agent down, and we were trying to shoot for these big (contract) numbers. And I’m like, ‘Man, let’s just take heed of winning. I’ve been on a winning team within three years. I know how it felt to win. Shoot, I’d rather win another championship than go get another whatever type of crazy extension or crazy contract.”

Watkins is very much at ease when he plays for Kansas City and loves playing for Andy Reid. These factors are more than enough to make his mind and are more important than money at this point in his


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