Bryson DeChambeau was the victim in the Golf request for the odd rule, and the result was not in his favor for the second time in succession.

DeChambeau was concentrating to finish what was a solid start to the day on Thursday. It was the opening round of the WGC FedEx St. Jude invitational tournament. The drive DeChambeau took at the seventh hole par 4 sailed to the left of the fairway and stopped next to the tree in a not so smooth lie. When DeChambeau saw that the lie is not a good spot, he started to think.

DeChambeau saw that there was this dirt which was discolored, a few red ants and he thought there might be an anthill or something else. At that time of the day, he was at 4 under. I talked to Ken Tackett who is the official of the rules for the PGA Tour.   Ken did not heed to DeChambeau’s request and he told him that it is not endangering him. To this DeChambeau said that it was just an anthill.

After a long conversation, Tackett did not approve any relief to DeChambeau from the anthill. After his ball ended up just a little close to the turf, DeChambeau did not reach the putting surface with the shot that followed his way to a double bogey-6.

DeChambeau said that he will always respect the decision of the officials no matter what and he will continue to do his best and play well.  The bad lie did not help his cause in any way, and there were two twigs lodged between the ball and it is like this.  

In the second round of the Memorial golf tournament, DeChambeau was in a position that was very similar. It was about 2 weeks ago; he made a mess of the 15th hole. He hit a couple of shots that were out of bounds, then he requested if he could use one of the balls which were just outside the out of bounds boundary. The ruling of the official was not in his favor. He then asked for another opinion about who was Tackett as well. Tackett also ruled out the request made by DeChambeau. He finished a 10 on the hole.

The red ants were too small for the golf channel’s camera to capture them. The rule book of the golf under section 16.2.a which is entitled to the Dangerous Animal Condition.



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