The legendary fighter and a soon to be hall of famer is set to be an expert on UFC events.

The legendary status:

GSP, as the fans call him, has had a legendary career in UFC. His record is 26-2, which can only be bettered by a handful of fighters. St-Pierre, who debuted at UFC 46, way back in 2004. Since then he has earned his reputation as one of the best exponents of Mixed Martial Arts.

The new role:

UFC announced on their website on 31st July that Georges St-Pierre will join the Reseau des Sports (RDS). He’ll be functioning as an expert in the channel’s panel. The Canadian will be offering his insights and observations with the fans. The man himself said that this is an exciting opportunity and he’s looking forward to sharing his anecdotes with the world.

A spot-on decision:

The UFC legend is being deemed to be the right man for the job. ‘Rush’ has lost two matches in his career and he avenged both of his loses. This is a clear indication that he is a sharp-witted student of the sport. He has always been analytical in his approach and has a keen eye which observes things many don’t even know is happening.
His lofty stature in the sport also adds credibility to the decision of his appointment. GSP has been champion in two different weight divisions, the welterweight and middleweight divisions, an enviable feat in all accords.
August 15th will be his first day in the studio as he’s supposed to be in the panel which will discuss and analyse the bout between Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic at UFC 252. The fight will be the trilogy saga’s concluding edition.

Dana White, the UFC Supremo, has lauded this step and has stated that this is a great step in the direction of popularization of the sport in Canada. He has also labelled Georges as the nation’s most famous athlete.
The Vice President of Production of RDS, Domenic Vannelli has expressed how glad he was when GSP accepted the channel’s offer. He has also reiterated the impact that the legendary MMA fighter has had over the nation and especially over his own community, the French-Canadians.

Floating in the wind:

St-Pierre’s decision to take up the role of an expert has sparked rumours among the fans whether this was the first step by the great man on his course to a return.
Some have argued that being so close to the action will reinvigorate the fighter and he’ll be bound to contemplate a comeback.
The Dagestani giant of a fighter, Khabib Nurmagomedov, who recently defeated Conno McGregor has said that GSP is his dream opponent and he has called out the Canadian great for a match.
Looking at the action from an arm’s length might spark the flair of the old days in the genius’ mind as fans remain excited to witness how this saga plays out.


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