How to Watch Mayweather vs Logan Paul Live Stream Through Fanmio, Showtime, and Mayweather Promotions?

If you are searching for one of the biggest fights in boxing history, Mayweather vs Logan Paul will be an amazing one. Yes, each of the stars is fighting for glory where Mayweather will be the one who has got the most experience. Additionally, if you are willing to find out some of the better options, we have got it all for you.

The fight will be held on June 6, 2021, where the venue is set to be the Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida.

Plus, the event start time is set to 8 pm ET where the crowd is expected to come in huge numbers.

Hence, let’s go ahead and find out some of the best information regarding the Mayweather vs Logan Paul match and streaming options.

How To Watch Mayweather vs Logan Paul Officially

Speaking about the fight, Mayweather has got a stunning 50-0 record which tells his story of his boxing career. Yes, he is skillful and has got the courage to take almost any other opponent down.

He is a man with an amazing punching ability and he is all set to fight against Logan paul.

However, currently, he is 44 and he has to train harder right now to maintain his fitness.

Now, for each of the fans who are willing to watch the matches through different streaming options, given below is information for each of them.

  1. Fanmio

Beginning with the first option, you can easily make use of Fanmio for watching the Mayweather vs Logan Paul match online.

Yes, it’s a pay-per-view platform where you have to pay first, and then you can watch the boxing matches.

In terms of the pricing, you can pay $49.99, and then you can watch the entire match between Mayweather vs Logan Paul online.

Yes, there is no doubt about the quality of streaming where Fanmio delivers stunning quality. For the amount you are paying, the platform does complete justice in offering the shows in brilliant quality.

Plus, there aren’t any sort of free trial options available and you got to research well before you can choose the good ones.

  1. Showtime

Moving ahead towards the second best option for watching the Mayweather vs Logan Paul match online, Showtime is a stunning option. Yes, it’s another popular option for every single boxing fan who has got the will to watch matches online.

Additionally, in terms of the quality of streaming from this company, it delivers class quality, every single time.

In such a scenario, you can trust their quality where it delivers better ones, without issues. Plus, even in the devices, you can make use of the latest devices and watch the events along with shows, in good quality.

Eventually, you can look for different packages, choose a better one, and watch Mayweather vs Logan Paul matches online.

  1. Mayweather Promotions

 In terms of the best ways to watch Mayweather vs Logan Paul, Mayweather promotions are another great one of them. Here, you can choose this brilliant way for watching the boxing game online.

The package offered by this streaming platform is decent and you can easily stream the contents online.

Also, the quality of streaming from this platform is above par too. Here, you can trust their quality of streaming from every possible angle.

Hence, you can easily choose the Mayweather promotions and watch the good boxing match online.

Final Word of Mouth

The fight between the two mega-stars is just a few days away and they are gearing up for an epic match. Indeed, this fight will be a marvelous one and each superstar will try their best to defeat each other.

Hence, as a viewer, you have got the best of all pay-per-view streaming options. With this, you can analyze each of the above options and choose a quality one from them.

As and when you choose a good set of options, then you can eventually go ahead and watch the mega match between the two superstars, live online. 


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