Times are really chaotic for the sporting community, the same is true for Husson University and Maine Maritime Academy, The directors of both institutes are busy on high-level meetings to predict and shape the future of the Fall sports season. This time due to the corona pandemic the university level sports events have really gone for a spin, this is particularly bad for the students and the student community at large.

Now coming to the point Husson and MMA  are also in talks for the future of things. Let us remind our readers here MMA here is a football concern and not the mixed martial arts. Husson and MMA are also part of the North Atlantic conference for many events including football.

Pergolizzi said the NAC athletic directors had their Zoom meeting on Tuesday and sent recommendations to Commissioner Marcella Zalot and the presidents of the respective schools. 

Husson is in the Commonwealth course conference whereas MMA happens to be in England women’s and men’s athletic conferences respectively. Now the situation is that not many of the conferences are functional this is all because of the current coronavirus pandemic.

Already the Ivy and Patriot League along with nescac have been canceled because of a COVID-19.

There have been many schedule changes because of the COVID-19 pandemic, for example, National Junior College Athletic Association has also moved its Football season from fall to spring, the Maine Maritime Academy is also working with limited capacities and will be playing only a handful of games this fall. Also, the highlighting feature here is that for the first time Maine Maritime Academy will only play with just in-state Rivals. Now MMA happens to be the only team in the new Mach football conference from main hence it can play any of the games because of the guidelines as stipulated by the local School.

Please note that there are five teams from mine in the men’s and women’s soccer leagues and a total of four teams that will be playing from out of the state. MMA and they will be joined by instating teams from Thomas College in Waterville, the University of Maine at Presque isle and Farmington chapter of the same University also they would be joined by the New York schools like SUNY Canton and SUNY Delhi and Vermont and titles along with other Vermont entities like Northern Vermont Johnson and northern Vermont London. 

Husson & MMA are already scheduled to play as they are in the same conference but need the is scheduled to play with the non-conference game within MMA. Pergolesi and Pead are ready to move fall sports to the spring however the problem that they face right now is that football and baseball teams generally played on the same field and it takes almost a day to remove the goal posts it also cost 2500 US dollars to do the same however these guys are planning to arrange for a new event venue


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