The year 2020 has been terrible for a lot of reasons, not the least amongst which is the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus worldwide. Apart from becoming a major health hazard for humanity, the virus has also disrupted the economy, social tradition, public events, and likes everywhere. The sporting community has not been exempted from the onslaught of the contagion as well. All around the globe matches and events have been canceled, entire tournaments called off as all of humanity retreated into their homes and mankind entered a global lockdown in order to wait out the viral outbreak.

Full-throttle July:

As expected, this heat reached the F1 racing circuits too. The season was supposed to start in March but got postponed to July.

In July the season started with a hectic triple header, which means that three races took place on three consecutive weekends. This is also significant in the fact that this triple-header event is a first in the history of F1 racing. After a short break following this triple header, the action is scheduled to resume at Silverstone in August.

Due to the pandemic, there were no spectators at the races in July. This is going to remain true for all the races in this season and the British Grand Prix stands to be no exception.

To ensure that this happens, a warning has been issued by the police and track authorities of Silverstone which forbids them from trying to visit the tracks, so that eager fans don’t end up putting the health of others and their own at risk, while merely trying to witness some F1 racing live.

Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton has extended his help to the authorities to help make this prohibition a success. The 6 time Formula One World Championship winner and one of the most legendary racers to have ever graced the tracks, put out a message where he requests the fans to stay home during the races. 

In an interview with Autosport, Lewis Hamilton said that coming up with rules or telling people what to do did not fit his job description. He has been following news on TV and has been observing people trying to live their lives through these difficult times, but the virus continues to spread.
Therefore, he has taken this onus of encouraging people to keep their distance and stay put at home. The scheduled event would find them to keep their focus and maintain their distance from everyone while doing their job properly. He said that he found it natural that people would still want to go out and watch all the action from a distance, just to get a glimpse of those mean machines or enjoy their sounds. But it may cause them to be within a crowd and that is definitely not a good thing, and therefore would be highly unadvised. 

Lewis Hamilton’s Homecoming could get axed if fans turn up nevertheless:

The fact of the matter is that the very races are at stake when it comes to the presence or absence of the crowds. If the prohibition is not followed, then the races might just get called off. With a doubleheader scheduled for the Silverstone tracks, the concerned authorities are simply not willing to take any chances.

Autosport revealed that the Silverstone boss, Stuart Pringle has said that the government requirement was that this event could be organized only if people were absent. He went on to declare that these sporting events should not appear as a magnet to draw people to their locality and therefore increase the threat of viral transmission. He wanted to send this message to the people and convey the seriousness of the issue.

Currently, Lewis Hamilton stands in the first place on the Drivers Championship standings. He is 5 points clear of his teammate Valterri Bottas. It is amidst such a state of affairs that the reigning champion and current favorite is returning to his home track.

The season started a bit rough for the British racer in Austria. However, as is often the case with true champions, the legend made a stunning comeback. Hamilton went ahead to win both the Styrian GP and the Hungarian GP with relative ease. The prolific racer seems well on his way to win another World Championship, which would bring his total to a staggering 7 World Championships, bringing him to level with the record of most F1 titles, currently belonging to Michael Schumacher.


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