All eyes on the final day of Monaco Grand Prix as Hamilton falters in the qualifying round while Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc clinches the pole position


The Monte Carlo street circuit at Monaco has been the witness of some of the most astonishing results throughout Formula One history. The wave of the chequered flag at the Circuit de Monaco elevates the heart rate of all F1 fans across the world with high-octane action being the trademark of the circuit. This year will be no different, and maybe it will be one of the most entertaining races in one of the dreamiest landscapes of the world. 

Preview to the Monaco Grand Prix- Surprising and unexpected results create nail-biting drama in the qualifying race:

The Monaco Grand Prix started with some very very unexpected results at the Circuit de Monaco. The surprise first in the qualifying race was Charles Leclerc who obtained the pole position in his home turf despite hitting the barriers in the final lap.

But this was not the only surprise. This year, all the previous races have been an entertaining rivalry between Red Bull’s Max Verstappen and Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton. While Max Verstappen has been closely trailing behind his arch-rival, Lewis Hamilton showed the racing universe who’s the boss by claiming the top spot at the podium in the Barcelona Grand Prix. However, the Monegasque Charles Leclerc has been holding the Ferrari banner high with his Scuderia Ferrari teammate Carlos Sainz Jr. giving him the ideal support. 

While Verstappen stood in second position behind Leclerc after the qualifying race in Monaco, Hamilton finished seventh. This was believed to be due to some set-up changes to Hamilton’s Mercedes car. Hamilton has been very rarely critical about his team in public over his entire glittering Formula One career. He admitted that they need to sit down to have ‘tough discussions’ after Saturday’s race. Hamilton was leading Verstappen by 14 points before the Monaco Grand Prix started. If their position doesn’t change in Sunday’s race, then Verstappen will be only two points behind Hamilton after the end of the Monaco Grand Prix.

The final day showdown reaches a sensational high ground with issues over the Ferrari gearbox and unexpected positions of some drivers:

Traditionally, overtaking is always taken as a harder feat to be achieved on Monaco’s circuit. Amidst all these, Hamilton/Verstappen and Mercedes/Red Bull rivalry, Leclerc produced a truly dramatic result for his team, Ferrari. Ferrari finished in their lowest position since 1980 in the previous season. Charles Leclerc hit the barriers ending the session on his final hot lap in Monaco. This was compared to Michael Schumacher’s halt to deliberately end the season here in his favour in 2006. But Leclerc waved away such comparisons. He had to wait anxiously after the race to assess the damage in the rear of his Scuderia Ferrari vehicle. The rule is that if a gearbox replacement had to be done, Charles would lose the pole position due to five points grid penalty. Ferrari’s team has opined that the car’s gearbox hasn’t sustained any serious damage according to the latest news. The car will again be assessed before the beginning of the Sunday’s race.

Sunday’s race in Monaco Grand Prix is bound to be an exciting affair. Valtteri Bottas came in third for Mercedes after Verstappen while Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz Jr. took the fourth position. McLaren’s Lando Norris is fifth while Alpha Tauri’s Pierre Gasly stood in sixth position after the qualifying race. Sebastian Vettel came in the eighth position following Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton. However, Hamilton’s stablemate at McLaren-Mercedes- the 31 years old Australian Daniel Ricciardo who won the Monaco Grand Prix in 2018 finished in the 12th position in the qualifying race and complained about the messy qualifiers. The Aussie denied the possibility of him being such a slowpoke as displayed by his grid position in the qualifying race. Now, all eyes will be on how the race plays out today in Monaco, which may influence this year’s title race dramatically. 

Time, schedule, venue and other relevant details:

The historical Circuit de Monaco, Monte Carlo, Monaco will play host to the Grand Prix race. The final race will happen today, Sunday 23rd. The start time of the race is 3 pm local time/9 am ET/6 am PT/2 pm BST/6:30 pm IST. 

3 best live stream options for the Monaco Grand Prix:

With every F1 fan waiting with bated breath for the results of the Monaco Grand Prix main race, let’s list the 3 best live stream options to witness the immersive action from the historical circuit. 

  • F1 TV is indeed the best option for the fans across the world to witness the Monaco Grand Prix showdown. It is a dedicated streaming service that helps fans live stream all the superb races in different regions of the world. With the F1 TV Pro package, you can live stream every Grand Prix in the utmost detail, including the F2, F3 and Porsche Supercup at just 79.99 USD in the US and a 7-day free trial. However, this service is unavailable for the UK and Australia.
  • ESPN and its OTT streaming service ESPN+ are some of the most compelling options to live stream the Monaco Grand Prix. Coming with a price tag of just 5.99 USD per month, it is indeed cheap and thus scores high on the list of every racing fan.
  • Sky Sports could also be your go-to choice to live stream the Monaco Grand Prix in great detail. The NOW TV Sky Sports day pass at just 9.99 GBP is the best choice for viewing the final race-day action. 

Fastest live stream options for the Monaco Grand Prix 2021:

Since F1 TV is the dedicated streaming service for every F1 Grand Prix, it definitely provides the fastest streaming speed along with the most vivid quality. But apart from this, there are several other tv-streaming services which will let you cut the cord and go for comprehensive viewing packages without incurring the subscription charges for cable connection. 

  • fuboTV is one of the most-loved and most-preferred TV streaming services that comes at just 64.99 USD per month and includes ESPN+ that could be your gateway for enjoying the Monte Carlo Grand Prix at Monaco. The lucrative deal also features a 7-day free trial period.
  • Though the Sling TV package prices are up by 5 USD each, they still pack a punch! The Sling TV base Orange and Blue bundles separately cost 35 USD per month now, with the base Orange bundle consisting of several popular sports networks including ESPN+. If you want to go for the Orange+Blue bundle, you need to pay only 50 USD monthly subscription charge for live stream, on-demand content and several other offerings. Additionally, there is the lucrative 7-day free trial period!
  • Hulu+Live TV is another superb tv-streaming service that comes at just 61.99 USD per month subscription charge and includes several popular sports, entertainment and news networks including on-demand, live streaming and content recording features. Hulu’s Disney+ and ESPN+ Live TV bundle comes at just 13.99 USD per month and will ensure the live streaming of the Monaco Grand Prix 2021. 

Cheapest live stream options for the Monaco Grand Prix 2021:

  • The Monaco Grand Prix that will take place at the Monte Carlo circuit, has several compelling live stream options. Amongst them, the cheapest is definitely ESPN+ with its monthly subscription cost being 5.99 USD. However, the annual plan can be a super-saver, costing just 59.99 USD!
  • You can also opt for the NOW TV Sky Sports Day Pass that will cost just 9.99 GBP for fans in the UK and ensure the live stream of the Monaco Grand Prix. 

Other live stream options for the Monaco Grand Prix 2021:

How to watch the Monaco Grand Prix in the UK?

Sky Sports will be your ultimate companion that live streams the Monaco Grand Prix for the British fans. While the basic Sky Sports Pack 1 bundle comes at 5.99 GBP monthly and gives you access to 4 channels, the more holistic Sky Sports Pack 2 gives you access to the above 4 and 5 other channels at just 10.99 GBP per month. However, you can also opt for the NOW TV Sky Sports passes for live streaming service. The day pass costs 9.99 GBP, the weekly pass comes with a price tag of 14.99 GBP whereas the monthly pass costs 33.99 GBP. On the other hand, the Sky Sports mobile app costs just 5.99 GBP monthly. 

How to watch the Monaco Grand Prix in the US?

ESPN+ is unarguably the best option to live stream the Monaco Grand Prix in the US at just 5.99 USD monthly subscription charge. You can get the ESPN network in oft-preferred TV streaming services like-

  • fuboTV package at just 64.99 USD monthly subscription charge with 7-day free trial period
  • Sling TV Orange bundle at just 35 USD per month subscription charge and a 7-day free trial period 
  • Hulu’s Disney+ bundle at just 13.99 USD monthly subscription charge. 

Apart from these, F1 TV Pro package coming at 79.99 USD subscription charge per season and the F1 TV Access package priced at 26.99 USD per month could be your go-to options to live stream the Grand Prix in the US. 

How to watch the Monaco Grand Prix in Canada?

Apart from the compelling F1 TV service, Canadians have the bliss of live streaming the Monaco Grand Prix 2021 via the English language-based TSN or the French language-based RDS that come with a pay TV package. The streaming services are, however, very appealing, with both the TSN Direct and RDS Direct costing just 4.99 CAD each day or 19.99 CAD per month. 

How to watch the Monaco Grand Prix in Australia?

The emergence of Kayo Sports has given the Aussies a massive chance to live stream superb sporting events. That includes the Monaco Grand Prix 2021 as well! The Basic Kayo Sports package comes at 25 AUD monthly subscription cost and enables simultaneous live stream across two devices whereas the Kayo Sports Premium package comes at 35 AUD per month and offers three simultaneous live stream options! One more great news? There is a 14-day free trial period!

How to watch the Monaco Grand Prix in New Zealand?

For the Kiwis, Spark Sport presents this superb opportunity of live streaming the Monaco Grand Prix 2021. The basic package costs just 19.99 NZD and has a 7-day free trial period. 

How to watch the Monaco Grand Prix from different parts of the world?

If you are in some farthest corner of the world or quarantined outside your home country during this pandemic, you might be scared of losing out from all the action of the Monaco Grand Prix. However, that is not true! You have a series of options available in the form of superb VPN service providers. ExpressVPN, CyberGhost and NordVPN are some of the most exciting choices in the form of VPNs that enable you to mask your IP address and overcome any geo-block that has been restricting you from live streaming your favorite Grand Prix race of the season!

Free live stream options for the Monaco Grand Prix 2021:

  • Channel 4 is the only free-to-air service for the fans in the UK that will be broadcasting the Monaco Grand Prix.
  • Match TV in Russia will also be offering a free-to-air live broadcast for the Russian fans.
  • Servus TV and ORF in Austria are also offering a free-to-air live broadcast of the Monaco Grand Prix 2021.

Though there are no official free live stream options for the Monaco Grand Prix 2021 apart from Channel 4 in the UK, Match TV in Russia and Servus TV and ORF in Austria, you can choose some of the above-mentioned tv-streaming service packages and bundles deftly that come with a limited period free trial. After watching the race, you can terminate the subscription, and hence, you will have to bear no expenses. 

How to watch the Monaco Grand Prix 2021 on social media with particular focus on Reddit?

Social media platforms have come up as comprehensive live stream options for some of the most immersive sports content these days. Amongst them, the brilliant American social platform cum discussion platform Reddit also offers live streams of amazing sports, entertainment and news contents. You simply have to find the relevant subreddit that does the job. Download the app for free or visit the website, sign up and login with your credentials and find that particular subreddit that contains the live links uploaded by Redditers across the globe. Once you reach that, find those live links that are not flagged or taken down by the official broadcasters and you can enjoy the high-octane action free of cost!



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