The San Marino MotoGP, also known as the San Marino and Rimini Coast’s motorcycle GP, is one event from the World Motorcycle Racing season’s calendar. It has always been hosted inside Italy but due to there already being an Italian MotoGP, this event was renamed as such due to its proximity to San Marino.

This race started long ago in 1981 when it was hosted for the first time at the Autodromo Dino Ferrari. Since then this race has taken place annually, the event alternatively changed venues between Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello and Autodromo Dino Ferrari until changing to Circuito Internazionale Santa Monica in 1985. After some disruptions, the race has resumed occurring annually since 2007. 

Venue for San Marino MotoGP 2020:

This year, the race is going to take place at the Misano World Circuit.

Date of San Marino MotoGP 2020:

The race has been scheduled to take place from 11th to 13th September in 2020.

How to watch the San Marino Moto GP 2020 races live from anywhere in the world?

With the COVID-19 restrictions imposed to thwart the transmission of the deadly virus, sporting fans can only expect to catch the live action from the safety of their homes.

Watching the San Marino MotoGP 2020 in the United States of America:

The exclusive right to broadcast the races from San Marino MotoGP 2020 is owned by the NBC Sports Network in the USA. So for a cable TV owner, a subscription to any cable package with NBC Sports channels will suffice for watching the live broadcast from the TV at home. NBC Sports also offers mobile functionality on their website. You can just log in to an NBC account from any compatible portable device. There you can purchase a new subscription or access the service by using your existing cable credentials, and you are set to watch the races.

You may also want to try Sling TV. This wireless streaming service offers a Blue package in which NBC Sports Network channels are included. If you create a new Sling TV account then you can even take advantage of the limited time FREE trial period to watch the races for free. The subscription package of Sling costs only $20 per month and that is after offering the first month of service at $10.


Watching the San Marino MotoGP 2020 in the United Kingdom:

In the United Kingdom, the official right to broadcasting the San Marino Moto GP 2020 races live has been bestowed upon BT Sport. So for those Britishers with a cable TV subscription containing the BT Sport 2 channel, watching the races live from their TVs will not be an issue.
Online subscriptions are also available from their official BT Sport website and the BT Sport app available on many streaming platforms like android, iOS, etc.
All you need to do is create an account or login from an existing account. If you do not want an extended subscription, you can even opt for the BT Sports Monthly Pass, which comes at £25 per month. You can terminate it whenever needed.    

Watching the San Marino MotoGP 2020 in Canada:

beIN Sports will be taking on the mantle of the official live broadcaster for the Canadians.  To watch the races you must purchase a subscription package to their services. If you plan on watching the races from your home, then a cable TV subscription will be enough. The monthly beIN Sports package has a subscription charge of 19.99 USD while the yearly plan costs 199.99 USD. Both the plans provide a two-week free trial, during which you can select your favorite sports channels and even terminate the subscription without incurring any additional expenses.

If you plan to watch the races while moving around, you can look for online services. Just install the pertinent apps or visit the official website of beIN Sports. You can log in with your cable subscription credentials or purchase a new package from a new account. 

Watching the San Marino MotoGP 2020 in Australia:

In Australia, there are many ways to watch the San Marino MotoGP 2020 live.

Fox Sports will be broadcasting the races live through the two channels Foxtel and Foxtel Now. If you have a cable TV subscription to these channels then you are set to watch the races from your TV set. The Fox Sports subscription comes at a rate of only 50 AUD per month for the basic sports package. The basic package gives you access to the Fox Sports 1 and NBCSN channels. The 60 AUD monthly subscription will give you access to additional sports channels including the local sports channels, beIN Sports, and Big TEN Network. A 15 AUD excess monthly charge gets you to access to the soccer-dedicated Fox Soccer Plus.

The dedicated sports streaming service of Australia, Kayo Sports will also be streaming the races live.    You might want to look into Kayo Sports if you want to catch the races live on a portable system with platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, android etc.
Additionally, a free-to-air channel, 10 Bold from Network10 will be broadcasting all the MotoGP races for free in Australia.


Using VPN packages to watch the San Marino MotoGP 2020 from anywhere in the world:

If you are not a resident of the countries mentioned above or are simply outside your country on a trip, then you might even find services you have subscriptions to, inaccessible due to geo-blocking. The IP addresses of certain countries in the world are denied access to the servers hosting these services in different designated parts of the world. A VPN package like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, or CyberGhost will allow you to disguise your own location-specific IP address and simulate an IP address from one of these countries to access the pertinent services from any location in the world. 

Using Reddit to watch the races:

Reddit is a versatile social media site where different kinds of media from all around the world are shared. Once you have a Reddit account, you can simply search for subreddits related to the San Marino Moto GP 2020 races. You will find videos uploaded from the location, highlights, and even possibly a link from which you can stream the 2020 San Marino MotoGP races live for free.


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