The Federated Auto Parts 400, Richmond: Date, Venue, How to watch, and other details. 


In the world of racing, speed is the name of the game and a NASCAR race is one of the fastest racing events out there for the adrenaline junkies. Every year, the Federated Auto Parts 400 brings one such event belonging to the NASCAR Cup Series stock car race. It is the second race in the Round of 16 and one of the ten races in the Cup Series playoffs.
The Federated Auto Parts 400 is a historic racing event that was first held in 1958. It takes place over a course that is about 3 hundred miles long.

Earlier, this race used to be the final race before the start of the playoffs. In 2004 NASCAR included it in the playoffs.

In 1991, this race was shifted to the Saturday night slot from its original Sunday afternoon timing. This effectively made it the second-night time race on the NASCAR schedule after the race in Bristol.

The race occurs pretty close to Patriot Day and at times has also coincided with it. Hence, the Pledge of Allegiance has become a staple part of the opening ceremony.


The Federated Auto Parts 400 race in 2020 is scheduled to take place on Saturday, 12th of September.


The race will start at around 7:30 P.M. local time and the flag off will take place at around 7:43 P.M. local time.


Traditionally the race has been hosted at the Richmond Raceway in Richmond, Virginia, United States of America.

The Federated Auto Parts 400 in 2020:

This year, there are still 3 spots in the 16 driver playoff list which are unclaimed. The race on the 12th of September will decide many things. Currently, the three drivers holding the bottom 3 spots in the list are Chase Elliott, Matt Kenseth, and Jamie McMurray. They will advance to the next round without any problems if things stand as they are. However, if any of the drivers who are below them in the standings win the race on 12th September, then that driver will overtake one of them and claim a spot in the final standings.

The pole-position in qualifying Friday was won by Kenseth. Elliott recorded the ninth-fastest speed and McMurray recorded the 11th-fastest speed respectively.

How to watch the Federated Auto Parts 400, Richmond live?

TV options:

NBCSN or NBC Sports Network owns the rights to officially broadcasting this iconic, high voltage racing event live.
This is good news for the American fans of NASCAR racing. The American viewer need only purchase a cable TV subscription package containing NBCSN channels like NBC Sports. Then simply tune in on the time of the race to catch the fury of the fast machines live. However, the fans from other parts of the world will have to adopt a roundabout approach to access NBCSN services, as the network only operates within the United States of America. More about that below.

Radio Broadcast:

There may be those who still like the old school appeal of listening to the live commented coverage of sporting events on the radio while going about their daily lives. For them, the Motor Racing Network station on the radio will be covering the Federated Auto Parts 400, Richmond 2020, live on air.

Online Options:

If you are neither a TV person nor interested in radio broadcasts, online options are also available. These options are particularly handy if you are traveling somewhere and do not want to miss out on the racing actions while moving. These streaming services are available in the form of apps on many different platforms like windows, android, iOS, Mac, PlayStation, and so on.


It is a service that will allow cord-cutters to enjoy all the adrenaline-pumping sporting action from the raceway. This service provides a package containing the NBCSN channels for only $ 55 per month. Just install, create an account, and purchase it.


fuboTV is another popular streaming service that provides the NBCSN network. The package for this service comes at $ 60 per month and is an extremely affordable way for cord-cutters to enjoy the live action from the NASCAR Cup Series.


Hulu is a much cheaper alternative for watching the Federated Auto Parts 400 race live. It has considerably grown in popularity since its inception because of its offerings in great detail and provides a package with NBCSN channels for only $ 30 every month.

Sling TV-

Sling TV has grown to be a crowd favorite amongst the subscribers across all of the US because of the range of entertainment and sporting options that they offer. It is a cheap streaming service that people can avail to get the NBCSN channels for only $ 30 per month.

YouTube TV-

The popular streaming site which is widely known for its exhaustive range of options has diversified its operations over the years but it is costly. It is providing streaming packages with NBCSN, worth $ 65 a month.

Using a VPN to watch the NASCAR race:

If you are not a US resident or will be outside the country at the time of the race, these services and channels might be blocked for your location because of geo-blocking. VPN software like ExpressVPN or NordVPN can come really handy in such a situation. What a VPN does is disguise your IP address and simulate an IP from any other country. Just access a US server using the VPN and use any of the streaming services mentioned above.

Watching the race on Reddit:

In recent years, Reddit has become a really versatile social site for the sharing of all kinds of media. If you do not have a Reddit account, you can create one for free. Just log in to Reddit and search for subreddits related to the Federated Auto Parts 400, Richmond. You will find links to many videos, tidbits, interviews, and much more. If you are fortunate, you might even find a free streaming link or the link of someone live-streaming the race from the location. 


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