There were about 200 people attending the event, this included members of both teams, representatives of the league.

Kawhi Leonard who plays for the LA Clippers was the 1st one to hit the floor on the second part of Wednesday. He lined up for the first jump ball of NBA after about four months. He did not wait for the announcer to introduce the starting lineup.

NBA returned after a very long wait and the improvisation was one of the many things that classify as untraditional. There will be no fans in the stands the scorer’s table will have a hockey styled plexiglass encasing.

Since the NBA matches were suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic after March 11. This was done as the NBA player Rudy Gobert who plays for Utah Jazz was diagnosed with the virus just before the match with the Oklahoma City Thunder. After a lot of debate, negotiating and preparations that were happening to restart the games the league took a significant step to make it’s come back.

How are the teams faring in the bubble?

22 teams were invited to the bubble, inside they lived, practiced, and played with certain restrictions. The so-called bubble was the Disney World situated near Orlando, Florida. Every team will participate in 3 tussles ahead of the New Orleans Pelicans taking on the Jazz. The match will begin on the 30th of July and it will be the start of the schedule consisting of 88 games that lead into the playoffs. For the NBA Wednesday was a test run. Many consider this move of the NBA as the most determined task in the history of the league.

Clippers coach said that when the players get inside the court, they will be more than comfortable and that’s what the players want. They will be rusty and all, but the player will be happy because they will be returning to their natural habitat. The first NBA event in the bubble played and there were no incidents with Lou Williams and Paul George scoring 40 points in tandem. Williams scored 22 points and George scored 18 points to give the Clippers the lead. For the Magic Nikola Vucevic scored 10 rebounds and 18 points.

It is kind of a strange game as the chatter of the players was audible as there was no noise of the fans. Joakim Noah said that there is no energy of the crowds and therefore the energy has to come from the players on the court.


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