Clippers star Lou Williams will be out of two games as he will undergo quarantine for 10 days as he extended an emergency leave for his family.

22 NBA teams and their players are staying in the hotels, they are playing in the quarantined bubble to restart the 2019-20 season.  The venue of the bubble is the Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

The season was called off on the 11th of March due to the COVID-19 pandemic and it will resume on Thursday.

Williams was the 3rd player of the Clippers to have taken family emergency leave. This has somewhat disturbed the scrimmage and practice sessions of the Clippers. They are preparing for a match against the LA Lakers which is led by LeBron James.

Williams took the leave to attend the funeral of a family friend and he flew home to Atlanta. But he then was found to have been to the Magic City which is a strip club.

Doc Rivers, the coach of the Clippers was very upset when he found the photos of Williams who was wearing a face mask that was issued by the NBA. He was accompanied by a rapper friend. Doc Rivers has been trying his best to put together a squad with absolutely no talent in the team.

Clippers disappointed over the incident

Rivers said that he is not impressed with what he saw and he is very disappointed with the player. 

The incident has led to an investigation by the NBA security and also the 10 days leave as well. Williams did go to the club which he has often said that it is his most preferred restaurant and the establishment also has the chicken wings named after the Clippers star. But by hanging out with a group of people and possibly exposing himself to the coronavirus, the NBA has decided to extend the duration of the quarantine. This is necessary to make sure the players in the bubble are safe.

Players who go out of the bubble have to undergo tests every day and when they return they should spend no less than four days in their hotel rooms in quarantine. And if the medical team thinks that the quarantine time should be extended to 10 days they can.

From Saturday Williams will be under complete isolation and he will surely miss the opening match against the Lakers and the match against New Orleans as well.


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