It’s not news that for a very long time in history the NYSGA was without any action happening at their golf course. But it’s not like they have been sitting idle. Golf must go on!

The association is exploring ways to keep things alive and stay productive. Recently they have launched an initiative where they are helping golf courses across the state to make themselves more efficient during the coronavirus pandemic. They are providing their expertise for registration and scoring all across the state. All to keep the sporting spirit alive.

What’s More?

The buck does not stop there, apart from helping the golf setups across the state. The association is also planning to conduct an amateur level tournament in the capital region. This event might get fructified in August or September 2020. That’s as per the latest information that we have with us.

“It’s going to happen,” NYSGA assistant executive director Andrew Hickey said. “I’ve given it some lip service in the past, but we’re going pretty strong right now.”

Presently the entire staff of the association is engaged in helping other golf courses get back on their feet and become productive again. They are catering to the existing line of events that are lined up.

According to Mr. Hickey, they are currently working with Albany and Adirondacks. They already have some concrete information on them and are in talks with them to take things further. For this region the association is also in touch with golf players, evaluating their needs and apprehensions for playing during such times of crisis.

Even before the corona issue, this area lacked skills and talent. This is the reason why we have not witnessed any amateur level events and tournaments blooming from this region. The fact is that no one has won anything from here since 1986.

However, the current pandemic has further exposed the weakness of the region. In mid-June this year Troy international was supposed to conduct an event. Also, the capital stroke play is firm to conduct the games in august at Schuyler Meadows.

The Tri-county match play at Colonie and Schenectady Classic at Schenectady Municipal are planning to reschedule their tournaments. It has already been a pretty tough year and we all including the teams need a breathing space.

“If we do this the right way,” Hickey said, “we should be able to get their support to host these events and be a little bit more creative in our formats and our schedule to see what attracts the 21st-century tournament golfer.

As of now lots of planning is being done and we are sure we would all see some serious golfing action soon. Golf is a gentleman sport and fans should not be deprived of it for long. Lets all hope for the best and see how things fare up.




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