The NFL players are going to protest by kneeling for the anthem as a group. Some of them say that even the NFL Spokesperson Roger Goodell could also participate.

Nobody is sure when will football will make its return. Even the 1st week of the might not take place as nobody is sure. And the big question is will there be spectators?

The players will be standing on the sidelines prior to the commencement of the weekend games. Close to 100 players will take part in the protest before the kick-off.

What is the protest all about?

The game will be played in the usual manner as it was played earlier. And when that will happen the players will kneel. As per the reports suggest a large number of players will take part in the protests. There will be a parade of unity for the people who are protesting on the streets against the cruelty of the police for killing the people because of their skin colour. Indeed, the NFL is not in a position of discouraging or sanctioning any player from participating kneeling in the protest.

When Goodell says, “I personally protest with you and want to be a part of the much-needed change in this country,” I know some current and former players believe that to be a message of intent that Goodell would, in fact, be willing to take a knee in Week 1, or whenever the commissioner is able to travel to games as he normally would and whenever there are anthems being played again.

Reporters who were involved in several online calls that happened between the league employees and Goodell suggest that the NFL chief conceded on almost all that he was asked to do by them, and understood what was required to be done at this serious stage. “The only thing he fell short on was signing Kap,” said one person involved in a large-scale call.


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