The NFL will finally return to action this week after the untimely offseason, and all the players have been asked to report to the training camp before Tuesday.

The players who have already reported to the training camp have to straight away undergo the tests for the COVID-19. There are a lot of changes to a lot of things be it practice sessions to the rosters, which have been designed keeping in mind the safety of those all who are involved in the season. There are no pre-season games and the fans are also not allowed to any of the practice sessions. The buildup to the season might feel a bit unusual.

Here is the preview of all the things that will happen in the next month and a half. Two teams the Chiefs and the Texans are in front of the schedule more than the other teams in the league, because they are playing the opening game of the season on Thursday night.

How many tests will be conducted?

There will be a lot of tests where the players are allowed to enter the buildings of their respective teams only after clearing the COVID-19 tests. The tests will be conducted in the duration of four days. The players will report and undergo tests on consecutive days, after the tests go home and self-isolate for a day, and then come back on the fourth day to undergo another test. And only after the result of the third test is negative, they can go ahead to get their physicals and equipment. The teams have already been informed that there might be an increase in the number of positive cases. But they set the guidelines for the players to follow once the players are on the campus.  

The protocols for the testing will not be the same all through the season as said by the doctors and the players union of the league. There will be no pre-season games and no joint scrimmages. The evaluation of the rosters for the coaches will not be easy. All the members of the league will have to wear high tech contact tracing monitors, this will help to detect the players who are positive have come in contact with anyone else, the process will further make it easy to isolate and test them. There will be no indoor concerts, have to do away with all the religious services and no pro sporting event with capacity not exceeding 25 percent.



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