In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic every major sports league in North America is being canceled, the NFL is not that lucky either. Some of the other sports leagues including the NHL and the NBA have also canceled their seasons in progress.

The crisis has forced them to delay the proceedings until they could resume and complete the season after isolation. The MLB was weeks from the commencement of its season, and now have to face the possibility of a shortened 2020 season obviously without any fans attending the event.

The NFL Draft

The NFL Draft was held remotely, along with other offseason programs. That was difficult, but not as economically disastrous as the other leagues. More importantly, until the season was supposed to begin, the NFL still had almost six months’ time since Rudy Gobert was tested positive for the coronavirus. Certainly, the US government had a lot of time to bring the COVID-19 under control, right?

Regrettably, the answer to that query has gradually started to look like a “no,” and according to the indication of a team leader the is fast losing the time before they could think of conducting the season in the midst of the pandemic.  

Packers team CEO wrote on his monthly column on the website of the Green Bay packers the threat posed by the ever-increasing cases of the coronavirus. He was looking like a man who was preparing his readers for some bad news. He said in the next few weeks a lot of hard decisions will be on the cards.

The NFL season opener is scheduled to start on the 10th of September and the opening match will be played between the Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs. That is a little more than two months and if at all there is a preseason then it has even less time. Murphy adds further that the NFL is not yet clear about letting the fans inside the stadium to watch the matches, not to mention holding the games as scheduled at all.


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