The past weekend at the UFC 251 as she headed towards the octagon Paige Vanzant had tears in her eyes. She thought that in the promotion the fight with Ribas could be her last. After ending her final fight on the UFC deal the 26-year-old flyweight had decided to test for free agency. She was out of action for more than 18 months due to injury, Vanzant eventually got back into the octagon and she could not hide her emotions.

She said that she did not know what the future has in store for her and that she was living the moment. This was her first interview following her appearance at the UFC 251. With the UFC 251 fight being her last fight on the contract she was not sure if it was her last UFC fight. And there is no news about UFC signing her again. She was emotional as she just is not sure what will happen next, she might be signed up for another promotion which can increase her value a little higher.

The end of the first round.

Vanzant went into the fight with the favorite Amanda Ribas, and it was not going to be easy for Vanzant, but she was confident that she could pull off an upset.

It was an early takedown for Vanzant and the Brazilian had no intentions of giving up the submission, Vanzant tried to get free but she was caught in the armbar. Eventually, the opening round ended at 2 minutes 21 seconds.

It looks like Ribas concentrated on attacking the arm of Vanzant which was injured many times in the past. The arm was first injured when she broke it while fighting in 2018 against Jessica-Rose Clark. Vanzant accepts taking care of the arm and the result of the fight has no influence on her injury.

Ribas had a perfect lock on her arm, said Vanzant, there was nothing more she could do to free herself. Vanzant did try stacking her and tried all sorts of escapes but she the arm tucked and the glove behind her and there was no way to escape. Ribas was very perfect in doing it.

Ribas did it just like a highly ranked black belt would do the submission on. There is absolutely no excuse for the result of the match, said Vanzant.

Before the fight, Vanzant had made it clear that she had decided to fight out her contract, the fight with Ribas was actually a gamble on herself ahead of the free agency.   



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