The Russian Grand Prix is one of the most significant parts of the Formula One World Championship that is held every year in racing circuits all around the world. The first Russian Grand Prix was held in 1913 at a circuit in Saint Petersburg when the country was still called the Russian Empire. Grand Prix events were stopped after the outbreak of the World Wars until recently in 2014 the Russian Grand Prix was once again featured on the Formula One calendar at a new venue. 

The latest edition of the Silverstone Grand Prix has seen Lewis Hamilton battling all the odds against him with an ill-equipped tire and still finishing ahead of his opponents. The 70th edition of the British Grand Prix saw Max Verstappen of Red Bull finishing second while Leclerc of Ferrari finished third. Mercedes maintained its lead with the prolific British racer Hamilton sending the sparks flying at his home turf, while there is considerable interest in the racing world as to how Vettel and the others gear up in the upcoming Grand Prix season to reinforce their command once the chequered flag starts waving.



The 2020 Russian Grand Prix will take place at the Sochi Autodrom, which is a street circuit built around the Olympic Park in Sochi.


According to the reformed schedule for Formula one racing in 2020, the Russian Grand Prix is going to take place from the 25th of September to the 27th of September. 

How to watch the Russian Grand Prix 2020?

Below we will be listing out the procedures to watch the Russian Grand Prix from different countries in the world.

Watching the 2020 Russian Grand Prix in the United Kingdom:

Sky Sports has been officially given all the rights to broadcasting the 2020 Russian Grand Prix in the UK. Therefore, there is almost no possibility of a free broadcast. To watch the Russian Grand Prix you will have to subscribe to a package from Sky Sports to gain access to the Sky Sports F1 channel which will be broadcasting the races live. If you have a subscribed account you can log in to it using the Sky Go app and watch the races streamed live to your portable device on the go. This app is available on Android, iOS, PlayStation, Windows, and other such platforms. 

If you do not have Sky yet, then you can get a NOW TV Sky Sports Monthly Pass consisting of all the Sky channels on air. You can also watch different sports like football, NBA basketball, cricket, and many others on those channels. It is truly a great value.

Watching the 2020 Russian Grand Prix in the USA:

In the USA, the official broadcaster for the 2020 Grand Prix is going to be ESPN. For those looking to watch the race while on the move, mobile platforms also provide ESPN services.

You can look for cheaper options in over-the-top streaming services that provide live streaming of TV channels over internet connections.

You can get the Orange Package offered by Sling TV as it comes with ESPN and a limited FREE trial period. It comes for $30 per month.

If you can properly time your purchase of the package, you can stream the Grand Prix for free during the trial period.

Watching the 2020 Russian Grand Prix in Canada: 

Bell Media owns the broadcasting rights in Canada and two broadcasters under them will take the responsibility of streaming the Grand Prix live. One is TSN, which will stream in English and the other is RDS, which will stream in French.

These channels are also available on media platforms for those with internet connection and subscription to the pertinent channels.

You can watch the race on cable TV or you can log in from your preferred device to a user account of TSN Direct or RDS Direct and get the daily services at CA$ 4.99 or the monthly subscription at CA$ 19.99.

If you have a portable device you can catch the race live on the go.


Watching the 2020 Russian Grand Prix in Australia:

Subscribers to a cable package with Fox Sports can watch the race broadcasted to their TV. 

If you do not have a cable package you can access Fox Sports broadcast through the Kayo Sports app by purchasing a cheaper scheme. It comes at $ 25 per month and lets you begin with a 2-week FREE trial. So purchase the package at an opportune moment to watch the F1 races for free.

The Kayo Sports Premium Package will let you run three streams simultaneously on different devices. For those with families or friends interested in F1, it comes for only $ 35 per month.

Watching the 2020 Russian Grand Prix in New Zealand:

Spark Sports owns the official rights to broadcasting the 2020 F1 Grand Prix live in New Zealand. You can purchase a subscription to Spark Sports at only $ 19.99 per month. There is also a 7-day FREE trial mode which you can take advantage of to catch the races for free. 

Using a VPN to access these channels:

If you are located outside any of these countries on the list during the races, these channels may be inaccessible for the IP address related to your location. VPN software packages like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, etc. can simulate the IP of these countries allowing you to access the servers operating there. There you can access the available broadcasting partner for that location and stream the races live.

Using Reddit to watch the 2020 Russian Grand Prix live:

Reddit is a social platform where users all over the world share all different kinds of media. Getting access to all kinds of sporting activities is also very easy through a social media platform like Reddit. Often, sports fans get to watch their favorite sports in great detail through viable Reddit links. First, you have to open a Reddit account for free or login to a preexisting one, then you need to search for subreddits related to the 2020 F1 Russian Grand Prix at the time of the race. There are many links posted by many users around the world but some are taken down by the official partners in real-time. However, there is a good chance you may be able to stream the races for free on Reddit. 


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