Talks about James’ performance took a backseat as the players and the coaches stood in unison.

The display of solidarity:

In the first Lakers match after the restart, LeBron snatched a win for his team after he scored the winning point with 12.8 seconds left on the clock. The Clippers were beaten 103-101 in a closely contested match. However, the talking points shifted from the match result and analysis.
The players and coaches of both sides, including LeBron James and Anthony Davis, kneeled on the inaugural day of the NBA restart as the Compton Kidz Club, a transformational youth organization of the African-American community performed the national anthem virtually.

The players kneeled while the anthem was played and was donning tops which displayed the message “Black Lives Matter ”. Similar sight was spotted at the Utah Jazz and New Orleans Pelicans match. The anthem was performed by John Baptiste in that match.

Although the players are bound by rule to stand during the national anthem is being performed, exceptions were made as Adam Silver, the commissioner of the NBA stated that he has respect for the players’ unified decision to demonstrate peaceful protest against the social issues that are at large in the society.

What the Akron Hammer thinks:

NBA legend LeBron James said the demonstration of protest by them will reignite the issue of social justice. The message of love and equality is what the athletes are propagating and this positivity should be taken note of. He further said that with everything that’s going on in the world, referring to the injustice, police brutality, and racism, the NBA players and coaches have decided to use their platforms to voice their support for the oppressed and the discriminated ones.
Earlier, the athletes saw signs of development in the society and thought the protests could rest but now it is evident that there needs to be a continuous demonstration and no one should ease up until true equality is achieved, believes ‘King James’.

The unanimous effort to bring a change:

Some players were seen sporting slogans that are approved by the league committee instead of their names on their jerseys. Some of the slogans were “Equality”, “Listen to us”, “Liberation” and “Say Her Name”. JaMychal Green and Joakim Noah were two of the players from the Clippers who donned such jerseys.
Blake Griffin stated that however a player wants to express their support, it should be allowed. The voices of protest must be heard and the acts of defiance should be taken into consideration.
The message of love and equality mush reach every nook and corner as the world, where discrimination is so rampant, must be overhauled and taught the lesson of love and brotherhood. The legends, taking a stand for it is a shining beacon of hope that looks unlikely to be put out anytime soon.


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