The stars to watch out for in the constellation of the NBA “Bubble”:

Coordination and cooperation is the essential necessity of team sports. Over the time we have had so many geniuses who could tilt the balance of the match in their favor but so often have we also seen how the final step of success has eluded a “one-man team.” Greats can only carry you so far, maybe they take the pressure off of their teammates, they provide assurance that even if things look bleak, their presence just gives them a ray of hope, but it is always the team that wins.
A well-functioning team with a genius player in it reaches the zenith more than not. We know that LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kawhi Leonard are all geniuses of the sport but in this article, we glance at a few names who don’t belong to the stature of these athletes but are still extremely competent, capable of causing upsetting matches and even influencing title bids!

The ones who are waiting to pounce:

These are some of the players who are not in the spotlight of superstardom at the moment. These players will be, however, the ones to watch out for as they promise to be superstars of the future. The next few weeks are their chance to shine, take the league by the horns, and announce that they’re here to stay! A few players earmarked for such impact are:

1)Ja Morrant: Are there more skillful players who can put forth their brilliance on display to grasp attention? Yes. But only a few, if any, are faster. Ja Morrant never slows down and this could be a huge advantage when the season restarts. Many believe that the athletes might be off their normal pace post resumption but with Ja, the chances of that happening is nominal, which might in turn see him stand out.

Bam Adebayo: This up and coming defender from the Heats has a big three weeks waiting for him. This supremely athletic defender has bags of potential and the coming weeks will be crucial to put all of that on display. The Heats defender will face Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid and plaudits won’t be far off if he fares well in that battle. Further down the line, the Miami Heat fans will hope he’ll be the one to neutralize the great Giannis Antetokounmpo.

The giant-killers:

These players are not certain that they’ll appear in the playoffs but it’s almost certain that they’ll have an influence over who plays in them. They are incredibly talented players who are all set to have a say upon the proceedings.

1. Luka Doncic: He was one of the most vital members of the Slovenian national team that won EuroBasket in 2017 after going undefeated throughout the tournament. Doncic has been developing in leaps and bounds in his early years in the NBA and another giant leap post restart won’t come as a surprise. The former Real Madrid man is all set to have a considerable say on the course the coming few weeks look.

2. James Harden: He has nothing else to prove really. A seasoned pro with attacking capabilities that only a few others match. However, Harden fell off slightly on his race with Westbrook as he lost his ground. It’ll be interesting to see if Harden returns with his own prowess.

The title deciders:

Every Batman needs a Robin and these are some of the players who might have a direct influence in the title race. A perfect partner for a superstar who’s going to make it all tick!

1.Khris Middleton: He’s silently helping Giannis Antetokounmpo have a stellar season. Giannis put up 30/14/6 in a bit more than half an hour and that’s stunning. He has never had this kind of display because until now there has been no Middleton to lend him the support he needs. Middleton’s role post restart will thus be crucial for Bucks’ season.

2: Paul George: He was injured for a while and the Clippers were short of a real difference-maker. Even when he returned, he had to compromise his workload to limit his body permitted. However, with a long lay off, PG now has had the time to recuperate and the player who finished third in the race to being MVP might return again. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, together, could make the Clippers look like a different side altogether.


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