Dave Rinne the current New Wallabies coach has given some solid hints in the media that he would no longer be around. In his words, he wishes that the next team coach be an Australian. It is a little surprising as Dave has just joined the New Wallabies and he plans on his exit soon. Before becoming the coach of Wallabies Dave has a good stint with Glasgow Warriors.

He has replaced Chilka after the shameful world cup defeat in the quarter-finals. Since no other Australian coach was available for the team so Rinne was given the task to revive the team from the shameful clutches of darkness.

“I’m not certain,” he told The Australian newspaper Monday when asked if he planned to be around for the 2027 World Cup, which Australia are keen to host.

“The ideal scenario is that the next coach is Australian and there needs to be some thought around that. If there is someone ready to go after the (2023) World Cup, that may be in the best interests of Australian rugby.

“You can’t think too far ahead in this game,” added Rennie, who is on a deal that takes him to the next World Cup.

What’s Next!

Rennie says that he is completely committed to the cause and would see to it that the team performs well in the coming 2023 world cup. But after that, he stresses the point that Australian teams should have Australian coaches.  However, the exact reason for such statements is still unknown. Due to the erratic sports calendar, he is still to see his first game happen. That’s primarily because of the COVID-19 scare. The pandemic has really disrupted the mood and the schedule of the games by in large. Now it really needs to be seen what the future holds for the sporting and rugby in large.

He is still very optimistic about the wallabies. He says the team is all full of young boys and they would be a great raw power to tame and channelize in the right direction. In short, we get the feeling that he is very optimistic about the team and would love to see them shine at the very top of the global rugby scene.

However, one doubt still looms our minds, and that is why he is so adamant about leaving the team when it has just been a month of his joining. We guess the real issue will surface soon.



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