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When we mentioned that the fans watched Woods play at Dublin Ohio, but he was not all on his own. There were 19 carts that were surrounding the 1st tee at the Muirfield village, few reporters, 7 cinematographers, and three stills persons. The field also consisted of a few vendors who were looking curious they had wandered outside at the break. Along with Woods, there were some volunteers and security guards. Huddled under a tent were 6 tour types in shirts. 

The field was all set his hat was a little low, Woods seemed to be a grin. there was no reaction around the tee to be heard, only a few chirping birds. Nary a clap. All the cheering was to be heard for Woods this has happened all throughout his illustrious career, also when he was in college. Even in high school when he started to make a mark as the 3-time winner in the U.S.Junior championship. In all possibility, the 1980s was the last time Woods played professional golf without any spectators. It was the time when he still was in school.  Without the fans, it is a different world altogether said, Woods. This is the 1st tournament Woods is playing for the first time after a gap of 5 months. And the first in the era of the coronavirus pandemic.  

A couple of times in his professional career, Woods has the experience of playing without the crowd but never has he played an entire tournament without the crowds. The AT&T National tournament which was not hosted in Washington D.C. but before the start of the third round a derecho swept the field. Congressional was shut for the crowd and a considerable cleanup had to be done. 

But nonetheless, a few hundreds of spectators got into the golf course and watched the biggest star of golf. It was in October 2019 again the Zozo championship was played and due to the typhoon, several people saw the game from behind the 18th green.

What similarities do these two tournaments have?

Woods! Who went on to win in both the tournaments. On the PGA Tour, Woods has managed to win 82 times, but when he did not have fans pushing the ropes and screaming the name of Woods or rushing to take his autograph, he just did his work.




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