Date, schedule, venue, and live streaming options of UEFA Nations League 2020 Germany versus Spain.


The Spanish tiki-taka is going to clash against the Bavarian machine as Germany take on Spain in the first match of the UEFA Nations League 2020. This match is particularly interesting because the revised fixtures of the soccer tournaments and the domestic leagues due to the coronavirus pandemic have adjourned the UEFA Euro Cup 2020 indefinitely. For the football fans, it was a tremendous blow as they could not rally behind their favorite nations and watch the exciting game as their heroes clashed against each other for the biggest glory in the history of European football. But with the ease of the lockdown restrictions and the introduction of the newest regulations of social distancing under which FIFA and UEFA are operating, the Nations League is being hosted amidst empty football stands. At least the people can enjoy all 55 European soccer-playing nations fighting neck-to-neck for the coveted rankings in this league, after the dreaded international break that occurred due to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. 

The format:

The inaugural UEFA Nations League sparked a lot of furor due to the clumsy format which contained top-ranked European nations and even had the option of relegation for the bottom-placed nations. It seems that UEFA is still keeping the complicated format because this year too, there will be six rounds of group fixtures and then the semi-finals and finals of the UEFA Nations League. There are four leagues, League A, B, C, and D. The first three of them contain four groups each, with four teams, who constitute the top-ranking European nations. League D is divided into two groups, one containing four nations and the other has three nations. The leagues happen in a round-robin format after which the semi-finals and the finals take place. 

The set-up: The two biggest names in European football

Germany is buoyed by its recent burst in the form in the pre-pandemic era, where it had hijacked the pole position in the Euro-qualifying rounds due to some brilliant display of football. Though the exit in the first round of the World Cup was shocking to the footballers and the German fans, the sheer display of total football in the qualifiers with clean, well-oiled performance had come as a relief. The more recent displays include the UEFA Champions League victory by Bayern Munich, which is heavily composed of some of the notable names of the Die Mannschaft like Serge Gnabri, Leroy Sane, Joshua Kimmich, Thomas Muller, and above all, the talismanic sweeper-keeper- Manuel Neuer. 

On the other hand, the Spanish matadors had a very similar lackluster display in the World Cup, where their heavy defeats pointed out to the aging side and the need for a change in their leadership. With reinforcements from the youth brigade and the arrival of the former Barcelona boss Luis Enrique as the head coach of the side, the things are looking brighter. Though Spain lacks the infusion of youth and the likes of ancient, monolithic Gerard Pique, Sergio Ramos, Sergio Busquets present in its side, football critics and pundits feel that the nation has a vast reserve of brilliant and exceptionally talented footballers displaying their magic in various domestic football leagues. 

Schedule and venue:

The 2020/21 UEFA Nations League match gets underway on Thursday, September 3 at 20:45 CEST and on Friday, September 4 at 00:15 IST. The match will be broadcasted live from Stuttgart. 

How to watch Germany versus Spain live?

A number of official broadcasters and online live streaming options are available to watch the coveted clash of Germany and Spain from your home, while you maintain the social distancing norms and still enjoy the best of footballing action. 

How to watch from the UK?

The exclusive broadcasting rights of the UEFA Nations League in the UK is controlled by Sky network. The games of the Nations league including Germany versus Spain will be broadcasted on Sky Sports Football and Sky Main Event channels on the TV. You can also tune in to the Sky Go app and watch the games online from your mobile device. The Sky Sports Day pass will provide you access to 11 different sports channels and a flurry of sporting action at only 9.99 GBP while the Monthly pass auto-renews itself at 33.99 GBP and provides you access to a lot of sporting activities. 

How to watch in the US?

The sports fans in the US are at luck because they can catch the UEFA Nations League live on the ESPN and the TUDN channels which hold the broadcasting rights in the nation. ESPN+ is the native streaming service of ESPN and it will also provide a live-action display of a number of Nations League matches. Ott streaming services also offer live action of the UEFA Nations League at a fraction of the monthly cable cost and therefore the cord-cutters in the country are equally enthusiastic. 

Sling TV provides ESPN and therefore the live action from the UEFA Nations League through its Orange Package that comes at a basic price of 30 USD monthly and also includes a free trial period. 

How to watch in Australia?

The subscribers of Optus Sport in Australia can watch Germany versus Spain and other exciting UEFA Nations League matches. A current subscriber simply needs to log in to his Optus account with the credentials and enjoy the matches live. 

How to watch in New Zealand?

The sporting fans of this island nation can view the match in vivid display on the Sky Sports broadcasting channel in New Zealand. 

How to watch in India?

The soccer fans in India need to tune in to the Sony TEN Network channels like TEN 1, TEN 2, and TEN HD to view the live action of Germany versus Spain. The ott streaming service called SonyLIV will also be exhibiting the unadulterated football action for the Indian sporting fans.

How to watch on Reddit?

Reddit is a brilliant social media platform that allows fans from all over the world access to exclusive footage and live-action sports. They just need to sign into their individual Reddit accounts with their credentials and search for a viable subreddit put up by any user to view the match in vivid detail. 



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