UFC 261 event is about to begin and the fans are excited to watch this mega event either from the stadium or home. The COVID pandemic is ongoing and it has devastated the lives of millions of people. Still, under all of the safety precautions, the UFC 261 event is about to be held for the fans.

This time, the fight is between Usman vs Masvidal where the PPV has allowed the fans to come inside the stadium and watch those matches. Both the boxers are brilliant and each of them has proved their worth, every single time.

Plus, speaking about the venue for the match, Jacksonville which is in Florida will be the venue for this exciting match.

Right now, if you are eager to get more value-added information regarding this match, you don’t have to think much.

You can simply browse through the below sections and get answers, one by one.

UFC 261 Detailed Information 2021

Going ahead in the detailed information of UFC 261, let’s start off with the history. In UFC 251, Usman defended his title successfully against Masvidal. With this, UFC 261 is scheduled and the fans are going crazy for this boxing match.

Now, the event was scheduled to take place in Singapore. But, with the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, it has been rescheduled and Singapore isn’t hosting any of the matches.

Plus, UFC 261 will feature some of the best matches where the fight between Usman vs Masvidal is going to be the first one.

Secondly, there will be the Women’s Strawweight championship where Zhang Weili and Rose will face off each other.

Also, there will be another match and the entire schedule is looking the best one of all. With this, you will get complete excitement from the UFC 261 event.

Going ahead, if you are looking for ways to watch UFC 261 event, there are plenty of ways available online.

For instance, if you live in the United States, you can make use of the BT Sports channel to watch UFC 261 live online.

On the other hand, even for the people who live in other countries, plenty of options are present to stream the shows online.

Altogether, it depends on your level of preferences and options. Once you choose the perfect option, then the road becomes a much clearer one for you.

 UFC 261 Masvidal Salaries and Payouts

Indeed, if the boxer is a top-level one, they will get the desired pay and salaries, they deserve. As the case goes for the payout of Masvidal, no information for the year 2021 is given yet.

But, as per the recent reports, you can assume that he will get at least $500,000 on a guaranteed basis.

Now, this is a massive amount and is paid in proportion to the abilities of the player. Apart from this, he will get the promotional money that will be good too.

With this, if Masvidal exceeds the expectations, chances are pretty high that he will be given more amount of money for the future.

Till now, everything depends upon the current fight and if he can clutch this one out, things will be quite different for this boxer.

Final Word of Mouth

Indeed, the UFC 261 fight between Usman and Masvidal is going to be a good one. Each of the boxers is trying their very best to win this event and it will be a good contest.

Even for the fans who are eager to watch matches from the stadium, the gate is all open for them too. With this, you have got two options either to watch matches from the stadium or make use of the live streaming platforms.

With his, the purse value or even the salary amount of Masvidal is set to be $500,000. Although, it’s not a hundred percent true but the amount will revolve around this very number.

Hence, all will depend upon the fighting capability of Masvidal and how well he handles the match.

If things go according to his plan, then he might beat Usman and make his name among the best boxers of the world. 



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