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Where to watch US Open Golf 2020

The US Open will be held finally after it underwent postponement. Originally, the event was scheduled to be held from 18th to 21st June. The previous dates were decided before the COVID-19 pandemic ravaged through the United States of America. 

The hindered state and how it was beaten:

The postponement was understandable but what bothered the players, fans and organizers was the thought of cancellation. It’d have been gruelling for the fans if the 120th edition of the tournament got called off. At a certain point in time, it looked like the worst could come true. However, with ever-adapting tendencies, advancement in medical science and immaculate management skills, the tournament will be hosted at Winged Foot Golf Club in Mamaroneck, N.Y. 

CEO of USGA Mike Davis has asserted that he’s extremely thankful for the support that was provided by all at Winged Foot. The flexibility and cooperation by the New York-based court’s staff have shown in these tough times has been praised by the USGA top brass vehemently. He also stated his gratefulness to the other professional tours and majors for being understanding and malleable enough to help them accommodate the event in the complicated schedule that at play currently. 

The event this year would shift from the norm in more ways than one and that’s just a testament of adaptability that’s so crucial at this point of time, even more so given the site of the tournament. New York has been the epicentre of the virus borne disease in the country and it’s not back to its normal, riskless self again. Spectators will miss out on experiencing the first-hand action this year and that’s not the end of the list for the alterations that are done on this eventful year! 

The tournament will be conducted without traditional qualifying. USGA’s senior managing director advocated for the change citing this year’s difficult circumstances. 

When and where the tournament will be hosted?

It was announced on 6th April that the event that was scheduled for the month of June had been postponed. USGA announced that the Open will later be hosted from 17th to 20th September at the traditional Winged Foot. Presence of the fans is an essential element of the sport of golf and their absence will certainly be felt by those who compete. The authorities admit that it’s not quite the same for anyone to host the tournament in these situations but they’re committed to doing everything possible for the tournament to go through in a befitting and fair nature. 

Where to watch the U.S Open Golf tournament?

Craig Annis, the Chief Brand Officer of the nation’s Golfing Association, said that they’re looking to bring the tournament to life by partnering with the broadcasters and also the digital platforms with which they have now tied up. 

Where to watch the tournament in the UK?

Fans in the UK who are eagerly waiting for the US Open 2020 will be able to watch it on Sky Sports Golf. It will also be telecasted on Sky Sports Main Event. Day pass, week pass or month pass could be purchased by the users at certain rates to watch this prestigious tournament. Sky Sports subscribers can pay an additional fee of 30 USD per month to catch every sport in HD for 18 months. Other than that, if the sporting buffs plan on catching only the live action from the major golf circuits around the world, they can pay an additional 23.55 USD to their monthly packages and catch the action for 18 months. The Sky Sports packages also come at a normal 18 month deal like the normal television subscription package and have a 31-day rolling contract in between which the fans can switch to other packages of their desire and pay only for those.

Those who don’t have Sky can also watch it on NOW TV. NOW TV can be streamed on mobile devices, computers and Smart TVs.

The first-time subscribers can get a 7-day free trial on their NOW TV subscription after which they need to pay 7.99 USD monthly to catch all the entertainment in a single screen. 

Where to watch the tournament in the US?

NBC Sports will be broadcasting the tournament on TV in the US. Previously, Fox Sports used to hold the rights but from this year henceforth, NBC Network intends to telecast this Golf Major. 

It will also be available on the Golf Channel for the fans to watch the tournament in the US. NBC will offer extensive coverage of the event on their online streaming platform, Peacock.

NBC Sports has launched a unique offer for sporting fans across the country as they know people have a varied preference when it comes to sport. Therefore, their sporting packages have been curated on the basis of the sport itself. The Golf Pass launched by NBC will allow the fans to tune-in to GOLFTV which will showcase every action for a monthly fee of 9.99 USD or 99 USD annually. The golf fans might tune-in to additional incentives provided in the links and catch their desired sporting action.

Where to watch the tournament in Europe?

Canal Plus will be telecasting the event from the US to France and Spain. A Canal+ subscription that offers all the sporting action costs 25 Euros per month for a 2-year commitment.

However, neighbouring country Portugal will have Major telecasted on Sport TV Portugal. 

How to watch on Reddit? 

Users who are unwilling or unable to access the broadcasting channels and/or streaming platforms, don’t be disheartened. An easy alternative to streaming the tournament using the internet is available through Reddit

A Reddit user will have to log into their account and search with keywords relating to the event, that is, US Open Golf 2020 streams. Subsequently, subreddits will appear as search results and subreddits will be hosting the stream. The user needs to just find a decent enough and functioning stream link. Those who don’t have an account in Reddit can just create an account using their email address. It is absolutely free of cost. 


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