The Super Bowl is a 54-year-old affair and 12 franchises are yet to hoist the Lombardi Trophy.  Everybody from the players, to the members of the coaching team and even the staff at the front office, feels the pain of having never been able to win the big game, but the fans are the ones who have suffered the most.

On the other hand, few of the fan bases have been absolutely spoiled with wins in the Super Bowl, with the New England Patriots being the side with most victories. They have a total of six Lombardi trophies, along with the Pittsburg Steelers. The San Francisco 49ers have 5 trophies and the Dallas Cowboys have won 5 trophies.  

Now Let’s see Which team’s fan base deserves the Super Bowl title the most?

Nate Burleson: – The prodigious Larry Fitzgerald will return for another season. Why not celebrate the career of the future Hall of Fame inductee with at least one Lombardi Trophy, similar to the Denver Broncos who did the same thing with John Elway or what the Baltimore Ravens did for Ray Lewis? During the 2008 season, the Cardinals and Fitz were very close to winning the Championship but they lost with a narrow margin to the Pittsburg.

That was the sole appearance for Arizona, but nonetheless the fans of the Cardinals have been nothing but faithful. The team has played well this season and has managed to move up the ladder in the league.

Brian Baldinger: – It’s time to wipe out the ugly 50-year-old history which is the time the New York Jets won the Lombardi Trophy. It was in January 1969 that the Jets won Super Bowl III. But the fans of this franchise have been loyal and the team shares the stadium with a team that has won four trophies.

David Carr: – 20 years have been passed for Cleveland and yet they have not won the Lombardi Trophy. They also have a dreadful 0-16 2017 season; they are trying hard to make their way to the playoffs. In spite of all the heartbreak, the fans of the team turn up every week that is how they are loyal. And with a talented roster put together the team is hoping for a better show.   

Joe Thomas: – The Detroit Lions have a longer NFL title drought than the Cleveland Browns. Their best showing in the NFL was in 1964 when the Browns won it all, whilst Lion’s winless campaign goes back to 1957. Its time for the Detroit Lions.

Maurice Jones-Drew: – The Jacksonville Jaguars debuted in the NFL league in the year 1995 as an expansion team. Since then they have made 7 postseason appearances.

And in their four seasons out of the five seasons, they have actually punched the ticket for the playoffs. It’s not been smooth sailing for the team since then but the fans have been loyal even when there were rumors of the team eventually moving to London. This city revitalized by Minshew mania deserves a Lombardi.


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